• featured imageWelcome to the secret courtyard of the Ara Club, the Avante Garde of a democratic revolution.

    This is a secret club out in the boondocks created by some of the finest professionals of India who carry a dream to bring about a democratic revolution in the nation. It will be a revolution that will refine the existing political-bureaucratic order and will establish a truly meant people's democracy at its place where only the people and their collective interest will be supreme. This is a club whose members have girded up their loins to pull India out of its present politic-economic mayhem. Leaving their own cocoons of comforts, they've got into the middle with the urge to fight the crisis once for all.

    They'd hang around till the end because they've fire in their bellies…and steel in their nerves. They'd usher in DEMOCRACY 2.0.
    Three mavericks - Aditya, an IAS topper, Siddhanta, a Harvard drop-out and Devanjali, a top-notch media-woman, by a combination of circumstances, come to a remote village and set up 'The Ara Club', the secret meeting place that attracts some of the best young professionals of India who nurture similar ambitions of systemic changes. Together, they work out a formidable new-age movement, the 'Post-Gandhian Movement', which happens to be full with stunning ideas of change. Soon, it catches the fancy of the urban middle-class and the rural India alike and snowballs into a great revolution which demolishes various stereotypes of Indian politics and society and goes to establish the new version of democracy, called 'Democracy 2.0' that meets the aspirations of a modern India. But, will they succeed in ushering in a systemic change or will the forces of the status-quo, led by a powerful ruling family and its protege Prime Minister, destroy them? Will Devanjali get the chance to express her love for Aditya, the leader she had so diligently created?

    A powerful saga of love, passion, renunciation and hope expressing itself through the macabre socio-political reality of the day.
    Few words of praise on "Democracy 2.0: The Algorithm of Change"

    "Citizen Credit' (described in the book) is an excellent concept…needs to be implemented by the governments…"
    - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

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Meet the Author

KRISHNA KUMAR, a post-graduate in Sociology, is born, brought up and schooled in the small town of Ara, which is one of the archetypal urban-rural continuum of Bihar teeming with a zealous population that lives its life through a cacophony of politics, casteism, social stereotypes and cultural chauvinism - this population displays an inveterate aspiration towards upward mobility in life - mostly, through government jobs, which, in turn, is won through fanatical academic competitiveness. Here, politics and its nuances run in people's blood. Growing up into this heady environment, he acquired keen interest in the dynamics of politics and society. More...

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Democracy 2.0

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Democracy 2.0


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Second Edition